Our award-winning Cloud solutions at TitanHQ comprise an industry strength content filter with threat intelligence, email security and archiving. Our software solutions are used at over ten thousand schools and businesses across 135 different countries and, at any one time, observe, regulate and monitor over three million malicious sites worldwide.

We are extremely proud to have been invited by leading cyber security consultants, United Network Technologies, to be their content filter solution of choice for their United Net Connect Managed Service developed exclusively for Primary schools.

Mr. Conor Madden, Head of Worldwide Sales for TitanHQ commented, “It is very important to all of us at TitanHQ that our software continues to protect young children from unsavory online content, bullying and radicalisation so we decided to go one step further offering the option to bundle our award-winning email security solution to all ‘member-schools’ joining the United Net Connect managed framework.”

On the advice of United Network Technologies, we have prepackaged our software products so as to provide Primary schools with an age-appropriate Web and Email Cyber Security Suite providing complete protection for children whilst at school and at home.

Of particular note is the recent influx of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks directed at the many Primary schools who have adopted MS Office 365. On many occasions, these attacks have caused major disruption to school life. We recognise that both email and web security has become the protective cornerstone of learning for any school environment, as without these appropriate safeguards in place, a cyber-attack can quickly render any school inoperative.

Our ‘threat intelligence’ software identifies and defends against such intrusive strikes via inbuilt artificial intelligence and machine-learning routines ensuring your computer systems remain fully effective and your school, staff and pupils remain free from these troublesome and costly disruptions.

Our TitanHQ Cloud Cyber Security Suite has been purpose built both for Business and all types of Educational Institutions. Our software has won many prestigious awards, not least of which it has won the VB Bulletin Anti-Spam Award a staggering thirty-six consecutive times.