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Today, nearly every school has an online presence, and these schools are under threat from cyber network security. You can’t afford to ignore it. At United Net Connect, we don’t sit around and wait for disaster to strike – we offer secure IT solutions to help prevent it in the first place.

With over 25 years’ experience in the cyber security market, we understand the threat landscape and the effects this has on different industries. That is why we provide a range of Network Security solutions to give our customers the tools they need to protect their network.

Technology has progressed immensely in the last years, that it would be no surprise if your computer is hacked and you are completely unaware of the reasons for it. That is why we strongly believe that any organisation should monitor their systems for potential unauthorised access. In order to safeguard sensitive information, it is important to perform routine checks and create a reliable and safe network. Developing an effective security system for networks will give your company a competitive edge.


Tell us, is your school on top of it’s Network Security?

At United Net Connect, we’re able to provide the first class service you’re looking for within Network Security.


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