Passwords are the weakest chain in any educational institution. Not only are they easy for hackers to break, allowing access to sensitive information, they are also difficult for staff and students to manage and remember. Freja 2FA makes accessing data, applications and services far more secure and greatly improves the user’s experience.

At United Net Connect we allow our users a wide variety of token types. These can be physical tokens such as SMS, email, desktop applications on a smartphone. There is no longer any need to remember a complex password.

Our products are simple to deploy and easy to integrate, either as an on-premise deployment or as a fully managed Cloud service. We provide ‘out of the box’ integrations with Gmail, CheckPoint VPN, Citrix, f5, Office365 and many more!


Simply deploy Freja 2FA, increase security and improve user experience – click here to view more about Freja!


“Verisec’s Freja integrated well with our existing infrastructure, was very easy to deploy and configure. We have received great support and responsiveness to enhancement requests. The end product provides a very simple and intuitive end user experience and in a nutshell we achieved: integration with existing infrastructure, ease of setup, good support during installation and post installation, and simple end user experience.”

Ian McBride, Manager at University of Birmingham


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