Organisations around the globe are facing an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks with never before seen global outbreaks of cyber threats. With increasing complexity and mobility of endpoints but limited resources and security staff shortage, companies are falling behind. As a consequence over half of breaches start with a compromised endpoint.


It’s time to rethink endpoint security!


Senso is a unique, next generation platform for overseeing your IT Assets.

Built upon a dependable pedigree of almost 20 years in engineering solutions for education, now takes network, classroom and home management to a fresh level, delivering a wholly modular cloud based platform.



Whilst at school: truly is the Eye in the Sky, it is reshaping the way in which designates can assume complete control over pupils. It has been purpose built to manage and monitor any Windows and Chrome device. It is accessible from a centralised web browser portal, anytime, from anywhere!


Whilst at home:

Our Parent Portal allow parents to view their child’s screen as they are working from either home or at school. Protection has been added for keyword, application and web blocking, or parents can elect to adopt the same policies as the school. This new-age, next generation, cloud-based safeguarding tool allows parents to create a safe home environment for their children to work and play.



The founders of have worked in the education sector since 2001. Their first solution, Impero, has been used by thousands of schools in over 80 different countries. Senso™ is the first company to bring to market a complete modular, cloud-based, Network, Classroom and Home Management solution. is not  just limited to the boundaries of a Local Network, it is highly scalable and therefore perfect for those needing a solution to monitor and manage computers in a single or across multiple locations in real-time.


Our software is designed in accordance with:

  • UK Government Prevent Duty
  • UK Safer Internet Centre
  • the UK Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE)
  • Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

                        is the only product that can manage our Endpoint devices via the Cloud and allows us to support users working from home.”
– IT Manager, Southall School


Ensure that you are on top of your endpoint security with United Net Connect today!



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