Uncontended Leased Lines


This type of connectivity is a dedicated Fibre line that goes directly to your premises from the telephone exchange. This has the capacity of up to 10GB symmetrical speeds.

These internet lines are uncontended. This means that whichever bandwidth you buy is the bandwidth you get.



EoFTTC is like SuperFast Broadband (FTTC) but gives you prioritized bandwidth guarantees.

This type of connectivity also has a 7 hour Fix Time Service Level Agreement (SLA). This will give you a far superior and reliable connection.


SuperFast Broadband (FTTC)


SuperFast broadband is a copper line from your premises to the local cabinet and then a fibre line to the Telephone Exchange.

SuperFast Broadband has the capacity of up to 80MB download speed & 20MB upload speed. However, bear in mind that these speeds may not always be available, due to the connection at the local cabinet.

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Future Connectivity

There are various other types of connectivity being released from our providers so to see what connectivity is available in your area please click below:

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